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The Philosophy and Benefits behind Meditation Practice

Published in Meditation on 15th February 2017

  Source: Flickr The practices of meditation are increasingly becoming popular because of its importance and benefits. Most people incorporate meditation in their lives for spiritual journey. It can expand their awareness and perception about life’s experiences. Some just wants to relax. Other people are specifically interested on the benefits of promoting health. However, successful […]

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Things To Know About Meditation That Might Help You

Published in Meditation on 8th January 2017

  Source: Flickr Meditation is easy to do and can give you an instant feeling of calmness and relaxation.This mediation technique is simple and very effective and only takek you a few minutes to learn and will help you relax away from the stresses of everyday life.A definition accepted in most dictionaries for meditation is, […]

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Guided Meditation: Let Someone Guides You in the Right Path

Published in Meditation on 23rd December 2016

Assisted Meditation: Let Someone Guides You in the Right Course Source: Flickr Meditation in its truest sense does not only assist individuals in establishing tranquility, peace, and inner peace but also to grow as a real individual. Nevertheless, some individuals have misunderstandings about meditation as being a hippy act or something related to cannabis smoking. […]

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Cure through Yoga

Published in Meditation on 23rd December 2016

  Source: Flickr Yoga in a popular position Yoga, one of the world’s oldest forms of exercise, is experiencing a rebirth in our stressful modern world. You wouldn’t think that a 3000-year-old exercise could increase its popularity. But yoga is now being prescribed even by some medical practitioners for a range of health ailments and […]

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Stretching your way to Health

Published in Meditation on 14th December 2016

Extending your method to Health Source: Flickr Yoga, an ancient Indian approach of workout and meditation, is now among the most popular health improvement activities practiced by people in various parts of the world. This exercise has a strong appeal among women since the motions and presents focus on versatility, grace, slow breathing, and relaxation. […]

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Overcoming Anxiety Disorders Through Alternative Therapy

Published in Meditation on 7th December 2016

Getting rid of Anxiety Conditions Through Alternative Treatment Source: Flickr There is definitely nothing wrong in being distressed. When confronted with a problem or a scenario, people experience stress and anxiety. Most people have the tendency to stress when trying to finish a deadline that seems difficult to beat like stuffing during final examinations, or […]

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The Top 10 Rules for Keeping Your Weight off for Good

Published in Boosting Immunity, Meditation, Organic Foods, Teas on 5th November 2016

There are lots of shortcuts when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. Fad diets claim that their detailed plan will help you lose weight the fastest, but at what price? Apply these rules for healthy living, and learn how to keep your weight off for good! Become a Weekly Goal Setter Studies […]

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Here are 10 Health Myths, Debunked!

Published in Boosting Immunity, Herbal Remedies, Meditation, Organic Foods, Teas on 5th November 2016

There are so many health myths out there; it’s difficult to know which ones to believe and which ones bear no truth at all. Here are the 10 biggest health myths so you can know once and for all what’s good for you and what’s not. The More You Exercise, The More You’ll Lose Moderate […]

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Can Meditation Really Improve Your Life?

Published in Boosting Immunity, Meditation, Teas on 5th November 2016

Meditation has the tremendous ability to center you, ground your thoughts and help you reverse the stress from life’s daily pressures and responsibilities. From simply sitting Indian-style and breathing to chanting a simple phrase, there are many ways you can practice meditation to feel rejuvenated and at peace, reaping positive effects that will help in […]

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10 Reasons Why Kale is Part of a Healthy Diet

Published in Herbal Remedies, Meditation, Organic Foods, Teas on 5th November 2016

Kale has become the biggest buzz word of all the superfoods. But, what can you really gain from eating it, and is it any better than spinach or other vegetables? Here’s the low-down on this leafy green. Kale is Fantastic for Weight Loss Known as the queen of greens, kale’s full of fiber and antioxidants. […]

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